What Kylie Jenner's Huge Diamond Ring Could Mean

Kylie Jenner, who is all of 18 years old, posted quite a chatter-inducing photo of a gift she received on Christmas Day on her Instagram feed... like so many other celebs. Only hers featured her hand, with a gigantic, square cut, bazillion karat diamond ring on that finger...you know the one we mean. Jenner pretty much broke the Internet by posting this photo, leaving her fans, followers, and minions to speculate if she was now betrothed to her "is he or isn't he?" rapper boyfriend Tyga. According to Jenner, she isn't engaged, as she denied the rumors via her app, stating, "Every year, my mom throws a huge Christmas Eve party and this year's was so fun (and sparkly)! It was really special to end such a big year celebrating with all of my friends and family... and with an extra special gift from a special someone. And NO, I'm not engaged." Way to play coy, Ky!

Here are the things that her huge and "special" diamond ring could mean and/or represent.

Her Family Loves Her

Maybe it was a collective gift from her very rich and very famous family. Their continued prosperity hinges on their social media presence and how much we all care about them and hang on their every digital transmission. So the Kardashian crew may very well have gifted Jenner with this massive ring. They probably even encouraged her to wear it and to be vague when revealing its origins or its giver, which would ultimately get people talking. It wouldn't be the strangest thing in the world if they were the ones who gave it to her and simply agreed to let her and Tyga act like it was the rapper who bought it for her, since that would stir the gossip pot.

Something Borrowed

Pricy jewelers are always lending out diamonds to celebs to wear to events in exchange for the free publicity and exposure that goes along with it. It's an awards season tradition for stars to wear borrowed gems. Maybe a prominent or a fledgling jewelry company loaned this ring to Jenner in order to generate some hype. While she didn't tag anyone or anything specific with the initial post, that type of promotion could come in time. This could be a dual-purpose PR stunt — one that benefits Jenner due to the ensuing gossip and one that benefits the jewelry designer in a collateral way.

Her Boyfriend Loves Her But Diamond Rings Don't Always Mean Marriage…Right?

It's a long shot, but maybe Tyga did actually gift Jenner with this ring as a special expression of their love or as a token of friendship without actually asking her hand in marriage in return. That's it! It's a friendship ring. Or it's a pre-engagement ring. There are so many possible boxes to check. But where is he getting that kind of paper to pay for such an extravagant gift? Hmm...

Promises, Promises

If it's not a friendship ring or a pre-engagement ring, maybe it's some sort of promise ring? Who the hell knows with these two, as they have kept us guessing about the status of their relationship for, like, ever. After all, he does have a baby mama. #TangledWeb.

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

Jenner is not a part of that new wave of female feminists in Young Hollywood, which includes Lena Dunham, Taylor Swift, Zendaya, Grimes, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lawrence, among others. That squad is totally not her scene. Even so, there's no reason she couldn't have purchased this bling for her own damn self, with her own damn money, and for her own damn reasons. She may be 18, but she is part of the Kardashian clan. That means she is loaded, from her app to her sponsorships to her Kylie Lip Kits to her family's bank accounts. Ain't nothing wrong with a girl showing herself a little love after a particularly good year with an investment purchase.

A Secret Santa a.k.a. a Secret Boyfriend?

While some Instagram photos saw Jenner smooching with Tyga at her mother Kris' annual Christmas Eve party, maybe she has another someone special in her life that she keeps hidden from view and concealed from the camera crew of her reality TV life. Maybe she has a secret boyfriend and this was her way to keep him hidden in plain sight—essentially showing their secret off via a social media post. Is Kylizzle trolling us all? You never, ever know, since this type of behavior does keep her name in headlines. But what secret lover could afford such a gift? Oh, maybe Justin Bieber, a longtime family "friend?" Just sayin'...


Maybe Jenner really is engaged to Tyga but is merely telling us that she isn't in order to throw us off the scent. Did she just double-cross us? She very well may have. But know this. The pouty-lipped reality starlet doesn't owe us any explanations nor is she obliged to tell us the truth. But why the hell else would she a flaunt a ring of this size, this shape, and this many karats? What's the point of even having a ring like that other than to proudly tell the world "I'm taken"? It's something to think about, that's for sure.