Gigi Hadid's Shady Dating History

Gigi Hadid went from daughter of a Real Housewife to household name almost overnight. The stunner has risen up the model ranks rapidly. And so have her boyfriends: they just seem to get more and more famous. Is her stardom contagious, or is she using her men as stepping stones to further her own career?


In 2012, the then-relatively unknown Gigi Hadid took a handsome blonde fellow named Jackson to her prom. He looked fantastic on her arm, then eventually disappeared. Why? Because Hadid got a better, more famous offer.

Cody Simpson

In December 2013, Hadid went public with Australian singer Cody Simpson after a lot of subtle sub-Instagram posts together. The couple were together off and on for years, taking brief breaks when their schedules clashed. Still, they only speak kindly of one another and truly seemed head over heels when they were together until their breakup in May 2015. Hadid and Simpson had a slight age difference—Simpson was 16 to her 18 when they dated, which could throw some side-eye on the couple because of the potential legal issues that could arise. The couple even posed nude together, wearing nothing but towels, for famed photographer Mario Testino in March 2015. (Don't worry, Simpson had become legal by January.)

Joe Jonas

About a month after her breakup with Simpson, Hadid was photographed on a romantic river cruise double date with Joe Jonas, her BFF Taylor Swift, and Swift's beau, Calvin Harris. Who snapped the photo? Fifth wheel Karlie Kloss. The couple were together very publicly until early November 2015, when Us Weekly reports that the still-friendly exes split because they were too busy ... or because Hadid's fame eclipsed that of her DNCE-frontman boyfriend. Jonas infamously dated Swift, and Swift won't let the world forget it. Even though they're friendly now, there are reams of songs written about their former relationship that have to be a bit awkward for Gigi to tune into, no matter how deep in Swift's squad she may be. It's also worth noting that the pair split curiously close to Jonas' DNCE album dropping, leading many to believe it was a PR relationship...or that once the EP flopped she decided it was time to upgrade.

Zayn Malik

Us Weekly reports that though Hadid was too busy in late 2015 to date Jonas, she somehow freed up some time to hang out with one-time One Direction bad boy Zayn Malik. The tab reports that the couple aren't official, but that Malik is "chuffed" with the supermodel...whatever that means. Malik made sure to be seen with Hadid at an American Music Awards afterparty, an awards show where his former bandmates had just been honored. Malik and Hadid's photographs seem oddly positioned, leading many to speculate that they were staged for press. What's more, Malik has beef with Taylor Swift's current boyfriend, Calvin Harris: the pair attacked each other very publicly in a Twitter war. Whether Malik is using Hadid to raise his profile stateside or she's using him to make her star shine a little brighter, something doesn't smell right here.