Why We're Worried About Teresa Giudice's Kids

At this point, who wouldn't be worried about Joe and Teresa Giudice's four daughters, Gia, Milania, Audriana, and Gabriella? These kids have grown up in front of TV cameras, and have witnessed their parents suffer several publicly bone-crushing defeats when it comes to ego, money and more. There's a decent chance they'll grow up to be just as reckless as their parents. Check out these six reasons why everyone's concerned about the Giudice kids.

Teresa's prison sentence

Teresa's 2015 prison sentence couldn't have come at a worse time for these young girls. According to E! News, Teresa served nearly a year behind bars for mail fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, bankruptcy fraud and making false statements on loan applications. She missed out on eldest daughter Gia's 14th birthday, an age when every kid needs her mom. Those tough days grew even harsher when time came for Gia's school dance. A clip from the family's short-lived special, Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In, showed (via People) how tough the entire ordeal was for Gia—especially not having her mom help her get dressed and apply makeup. Teresa also missed Gia's eighth grade graduation that summer.

Joe's prison sentence

In March 2016, Joe left his wife and four daughters to begin serving a 41-month prison sentence for various counts of fraud. At the end of his sentence, Joe faces possible deportation back to Italy—yet another devastating blow to an already fragile family. Now, facing the fact she'll be a single mother for the next few years, Teresa must raise her daughters, handle all responsibilities at home, and continue on with her career. All of this added up simply means there's less time for Teresa to spend with her children, pulling everyone further apart. Plus, what little girl wants to grow up without her father around?

Teresa's famous temper

There's no denying Teresa can be a hothead. Her short-fused temper constantly erupts on Real Housewives of New Jersey. She famously flipped a table over during an argument with one of her castemates in 2009, and that ugly attitude resurfaced in an unlikely place: the courtroom. According to the New York Post, Teresa snapped at the judge while testifying in a lawsuit against the Guidices in 2010. She was also spotted ripping into a woman outside the courthouse, accusing her of leaking information to the press and accusing her of "violating ethnics." (We're pretty sure she meant ethics.)

Joe's drinking habits

Joe confessed to having a "little problem" with his drinking during a candid interview in 2014. "Before we started the Real Housewives stuff, I think I used to drink only on the weekends," he revealed. "Now I drink every day... just wine, I don't drink anything else, really." He claims if he's dining with a second person, together they can knock back four bottles of wine; by himself, he says he can drink two bottles without an issue. Teresa stood by her husband in the interview, saying Joe's drinking worsened after his father's passing. "He says it helps him sleep," she explained.

Daughter's hunger for fame

Like her mother, Gia seems to love the limelight. For a brief period in 2014, she was part of a music group named 3KT, which released two singles during its run. Their sexy dance moves and attire caused quite the stir across the internet. Gia played down the controversy, adding her parents were in her corner. "We obviously got our parents' approval. I personally don't think they were that bad," Gia told Bravo of the group's tiny outfits. "My parents think it's fun. Like, my mother was there every step of the way." Gia also hoped to follow in Teresa's footsteps: insiders told Us Weekly that 3KT was filming their own reality series. No episodes ever aired.

Money troubles

Financial issues have plagued this family for years. From the looks of their home, the Giudices certainly enjoy the finer things in life and will spare no expense in order to look their best. But maintaining that image may require living beyond their means: in February 2016, Teresa was slapped with a $23,365 tax lien. Joe, on the other hand, was hit with a massive $238,269 tax bill one month after entering prison. On top of everything, a judge ordered Teresa to pay $414,000 in restitution to Wells Fargo after her fraud case was over. Her lawyer tells NJ.com her restitution bill was paid, but it seems unlikely that this family's money problems will quiet down. Soon, the kids will want bigger and more expensive gifts—and there's always college tuition to think about.