Celebrities On Probation

When celebrities break the law, they face the music just like everyone else. Sure, it seems like the rich and famous sometimes get leniency based on their fame, but keep in mind, they can also hire some of the best legal representation money can buy. While the stars on this list avoided serious time, they messed up bad enough to deserve probation. Let's take a look.

Austin 'Chumlee' Russell

Dodging bullets that could have put him away for a long time, Pawn Stars' Austin "Chumlee" Russell received three years probation after copping a deal pertaining to weapon and drug charges resulting from a March 2016 raid on his Las Vegas home. According to USA Today, Russell pleaded guilty to a felony weapons charge and a misdemeanor drug charge in exchange for probation and counseling. "If he stays out of trouble until 2019, the felony charge would be dismissed," said USA Today. "If not, he'll face two to five years in state prison on the weapon possession charge."

Having now secured a best-case-scenario sentence, Chumlee recently told NBC affiliate KSNV that he just wants to get back to work, move on with his life, and devote more time to the Epilepsy Foundation—a charity associated with the reality show. Despite being a fan favorite on Pawn Stars, audiences know Chumlee is not considered the sharpest tool in the shed. Let's hope he's at least smart enough to realize that if the Scarface lifestyle didn't end well for Tony Montana, it probably won't pan out for the dude who works at his best friend's dad's pawn shop.

Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond has done a lot to distance himself from "Screech," his famous character on Saved by the Bell, but none of it has been good. According to The Daily Beast, the once beloved child actor's offensive choices—including a sex tape, a tell-all memoir that he later admitted was mostly lies, and a string of bizarre reality TV appearances—characterize his depressing downward spiral. The implosion culminated when Diamond was arrested for stabbing someone with a switchblade during a bar fight. He was thrown in jail, but janitorial work and laundry duty reportedly earned him an early release. Alas, during probation, he hit another bump in the road. According to TMZ, Diamond tested positive for oxycodone during a drug test in May 2016 and spent two days in jail for violating probation. He claimed he took the pill without knowing what it was to treat a toothache, which is either a negligent thing to do, or a hilariously transparent sitcom excuse that even Mr. Belding wouldn't believe.

Debby Ryan

Joining the ranks of former Disney stars gone bad, Jessie actress Debby Ryan recently pleaded no contest to DUI and reckless driving charges and received three years probation. According to TMZ, she crashed her Mercedes into another car in April 2016. Luckily, the other driver was not seriously injured. Ryan publicly acknowledged her mistake on Twitter, which is a positive step toward restoring her squeaky clean image.

CeeLo Green

CeeLo Green found himself in hot water when a woman accused him of "furnishing ecstasy" to her, meaning she was unaware she was taking the drug and only realized what happened after "waking up naked in his bed," reported TMZ in 2014. The "Forget You" singer pleaded no contest to the charge, admitting only to "sharing" the drug with her. The court believed his version of the story and dished out three years of probation and community service.

It's a shady situation, but it seems like The Voice judge has been taking his sentence seriously. He has avoided further legal trouble and is actually performing more community service than required. According to TMZ, Green logged 275.5 hours with the MusiCares Foundation and 94 hours assisting veterans through Volunteers of America. As of April 2016, Green was serving "informal probation," meaning he no longer had to check in with a probation officer, reported TMZ. Think of it like the honor system, only instead of potentially being grounded for not brushing his teeth, Green could go to jail if he messes up.

Kim Richards

Already on probation for public intoxication, resisting arrest, and kicking a cop in April 2015, reality star Kim Richards apparently decided to push her luck by shoplifting from Target in August 2015. The judge in the shoplifting case handed the troubled star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the exact same sentence she received in the public intoxication case.

Sounds like she doubled her sentence, right? Wrong. According to TMZ, Richards will only serve one sentence—three years probation, 300 hours community service, and 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings—for both arrests. We're not sure how she wrangled that sweet deal, but hopefully she can learn from all of this and get her act together.

Gucci Mane

Rapper Gucci Mane is once again on probation, having been released from prison in May 2016. Mane had been behind bars since 2013 on a probation violation, reported TMZ. Can he keep is life on the straight and narrow this time?

Mane has struggled to stay out of trouble in the past. According to the Los Angeles Times, "He previously served jail time for assault in 2005, and he returned to jail in 2009 for violating probation on that conviction. In 2011, a judge ordered him to a mental hospital to evaluate his competency after yet another probation violation." Wow. Somebody prefers learning the hard way.

It seems neither prison no probation slows this guy down. According to Billboard, Gucci actually released three albums from behind bars and has been quick to release single after single since leaving the slammer. His "First Day Out Tha Feds" track garnered more than 1 million streams within 24 hours, according to Forbes. Not a bad deal after all those busts. Gucci should consider himself extremely lucky. Then again, this is a man who tattooed an ice cream cone on his face, so we're not sure self-awareness is really his thing.