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Dumb Things In The Walking Dead Season 6

So, The Walking Dead season six has finished, and it left viewers with a lot of questions. Everyone's talking about the obvious stuff, including that cop out cliffhanger ending. But here are a few dumb things in The Walking Dead season 6 that everyone just ignored. As you'd expect, there are spoilers ahead.

Wearing zombie guts

This has been bugging fans since the first season. Rick and Glenn know that covering yourself in zombie guts makes you smell like one, meaning the walkers won't try to eat you. They used this technique once, and so did Carol later on to save everyone at Terminus. During the walker siege on Alexandria, Rick mentions several times about how someone just needs to get in front of the herd and lead them away. During the midseason finale, Rick brings back the zombie guts technique, but only after the wall was destroyed. Hey Rick, that idea would have been real helpful a half hour earlier. You'd think by now they'd just have some rotting, gut-laced ponchos hanging around somewhere in case of zombie-herd emergencies.

Glenn's 'death'

The biggest moment of the season's first half was when everyone thought that Glenn had died. He's been on the show since the very first episode, so obviously he means a lot to fans. After Nicholas' suicide and the cliffhanger ending where it looked like Glenn died, we were glad to see that he made it back to Maggie. Unfortunately, this dead-but-not-really twist might end up undermining Glenn's death at the hands of Negan during the season finale...if the show, in fact, ends up following the events of the comics, that is.

Everyone's loud, despite the threat of zombies and Saviors

One of the most obvious characteristics about zombies is that they're dumb. They just kind of wander around until people happen to stumble into their field of vision or make a bunch of noise around them. So, when the giant horde of walkers surrounds the walls of Alexandria, the first thing everyone should have done was shut up. If they had just stopped making noise, the zombies would have eventually forgotten what was behind the wall and then stopped pushing on it. Someone could've easily snuck out with a foghorn or a pistol, got into a car, and just led the herd in a different direction. Instead, Rick alerted the entire town, making as much noise as possible and rallying the zombies in his direction. Throughout the season, people have shouting matches over unimportant nonsense right next to the wall or out in the wild. Alexandria's citizens need a lesson on using their inside voices and staying quiet. Hard as that is to do in life-or-death scenarios, it's still better than, y'know...getting eaten.

Alexandria's secret exit

When the zombie horde first shows up, Maggie freaks out because no one's heard from Glenn. She plans on making a run for it, but Aaron brings up another idea, and they go to the town's secret escape tunnel. Why didn't Aaron tell the town about this for emergency use? Doesn't it ever occur to him that a potentially safe exit might be super useful for the people that he's trapped with? They could've left a couple vehicles on the other side of the escape tunnel and had a way out, or they could've found a way to lead the herd elsewhere. It also would be a good way out in case a few hundred Saviors show up.

What happened to Heath?

Hey, does anyone remember Heath? He's introduced in the early episodes of this season, seems like a pretty major character, and then he just disappears until the assault on the Saviors' outpost. Afterwards, he disappears again. You'd think Rick would put Heath in charge instead of Gabriel, assuming he's still in Alexandria.

Training Ron to shoot

Season five ends with Rick murdering Pete, who was a pretty terrible person. Understandably, Pete's son Ron isn't cool with this. We can all see why Rick might not be Ron's favorite person, especially when he was macking on his mom. Ron has a whole lot of reasons to hate Rick, but the Grimes guys still decide to teach him how to shoot. Rick saying yes to this was the stupidest decision he's ever made. It's almost obvious that Ron has ulterior motives, and it turns out he only wants the lessons so that he can shoot Carl. If you murder somebody, even if they're a bad guy, don't go and teach the person's angry kid how to kill. It's something they should've kept an eye out for.

Everything about Sam

During the midseason finale, we learn that Sam has been hiding in his bedroom listening to creepy old records. It's the sort of music that movies always have serial killers listening to when they're about to eviscerate someone. Then, the wall collapses, zombies invade the town, and a bunch of people take sanctuary in his house. We're supposed to believe that no one turned off his music, especially when they had to keep quiet? He's letting the walkers know there's a group of delicious humans upstairs, and he's doing it in the creepiest way possible. Rick is willing to murder the kid's dad, but he doesn't want to be rude and turn off his tunes?

Abraham has a new suit and an urge to make pancakes

How is nobody talking about Abraham's military outfit? Earlier in the season, Abraham and Sasha get separated from Daryl. Abraham has some sort of mini-meltdown, and he tears his clothes while trying to retrieve a rocket launcher. He replaces them with an army dress uniform he found somewhere, and he looks super goofy. Later in the season, he leaves Rosita for Sasha and decides that he wants to make "pancakes" (aka babies) with his new love interest just a couple days after the breakup! We know Abraham was crushed by losing his family and learning about Eugene's save-the-world lie, but this was a bit much.

Rick takes all of his best fighters out of Alexandria

With Morgan chasing Carol and another group consisting of Glenn, Michonne, Daryl, and Rosita out in the wild, Rick decides to take the rest of Alexandria's best fighters (and Eugene) with him in order to bring Maggie to the doctor in the Hilltop colony during the season six finale. It would've made more sense to leave Maggie at Hilltop to begin with, since they have food and the means to care for most of her prenatal issues. Considering the town could be attacked by the Saviors at any moment, you would think Rick left some of his heavy hitters behind to run the town and maintain vigilance (it's not like Gabriel became John Rambo overnight). Of course, this is probably just an excuse to assemble everyone for Negan stepping up to the plate.

Negan and Lucille were awesome, until that ending

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan was everything fans had hoped for. He was calm, menacing, nefarious, and charismatic. We were surprised to hear Morgan's dialogue match most of Negan's lines straight from the comic (minus a certain four-letter word). Everything was almost perfect. Until the last few seconds of the season finale.  Negan chose one of Rick's group to die at random, and we saw Lucille do the deed from the victim's perspective. The show never revealed who died, which is a cop out ending no matter how you slice it. It felt like powerful storytelling was sacrificed in order to encourage people to watch the show in October 2016 for season seven. The ending would've had more of an impact if we just saw Glenn, Daryl, or whoever get beaten to death, with the episode fading out to the credits in silence.

Rick's decision making

As much as we love the guy, Rick's decision making this season was horrible, especially by the finale. After killing Pete, he should've expected that there would be some immense backlash from his kids, and it definitely came back to him (and Carl). More importantly, Rick completely underestimated the threat of the Saviors. He assumed that Negan was on par with the Governor in terms of manpower, and he never took one second to wonder what would happen if the Saviors outnumbered and outgunned Alexandria. Rick also assumed that the Saviors weren't organized. Of course, he learned otherwise after seeing how efficiently the Saviors roadblocked every path to the Hilltop community. If one of our favorite characters died at the hands of Negan, it could've been prevented if Rick left them at Alexandria to man the fort. What a bozo.