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Gotham Grows A New Poison Ivy

One of Gotham's numerous villains is getting a heavy-duty makeover—or Poison Ivy must've found a stash of Miracle-Gro. TV Line reports that the botanical baddie is coming to Gotham as one of the major threats in season three, but there's a problem: they introduced Ivy "Pamela" Pepper on the show back in season one. Heck, she was the little girl interviewed by James Gordon and Harvey Bullock in the pilot episode. Pepper has appeared in nine episodes of the series so far, buddying up with Selina Kyle plenty of times.

When FOX's Batman prequel series returns with season three this fall, Ivy Pepper will be reintroduced as Poison Ivy. Unfortunately, this means that young Clare Foley will not be returning to play the role. The showrunners are looking for someone in their late teens/early 20s to play the character, now portrayed as a sort of eco-terrorist fighting for plant rights in the weirdest (and deadliest) of ways. We have a feeling Ivy will be a more down-to-Earth villain at first, before learning how to control plant life as the villain usually does in the comics. Of course, having someone in this age group playing the role means Poison Ivy will presumably use her sexuality to get what she wants.

We recently reported that Vicki Vale would also be making her debut in Gotham during season three. Likewise, the Mad Hatter is gearing up for his first big tea party. Solomon Grundy is expected to make an appearance as well, and he's going to be a lot larger and scarier than he was in Arrow.

Based on previous season premieres, we can expect Gotham's third season to start in late September 2016. Here's hoping Jerome makes his return and wears a purple suit.