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Jena Malone's Mystery Role Revealed In Batman V Superman Blu-Ray Cut

Warner Bros. is gearing up for the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on home video, and the Ultimate Edition of Dawn of Justice adds all kinds of new features that you definitely missed in theaters earlier this year. The biggest bonus? The R-rated version of the film that adds a whopping half hour to the theatrical cut's already hefty 151-minute running time. Collider premiered the Ultimate Edition trailer, which teases this longer cut along with some of its special features.

For all you audiophiles, the Ultimate Edition Blu-ray boasts a Dolby Atmos soundtrack revamped for home theater systems, so you can hear Superman's 40-something lines of dialogue (presumably now 60-something due to the extra 30 minutes of content) with amazing surround-sound clarity. Watching that scene of Batman taking out Lex's soldiers in crisp HD will be worth the price of admission alone—the rest is just icing on the Batcake.

So what's in the Ultimate Edition?

Donnie Darko and Hunger Games series actress Jena Malone was unfortunately cut from the theatrical version of Dawn of Justice, but the Ultimate Edition restores her character's story in its entirety, along with a few other surprises. Besides the movie's 30-minute-longer, R-rated cut, Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition adds a slew of special feature goodies, including an in-depth look at the new Batmobile, the redesigns of the Batcave, a breakdown of Lexcorp, and several other behind the scenes treats focusing on Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more.

The Digital HD version of Batman v Superman's Ultimate and theatrical editions will be available on June 28th. The Ultimate Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack, featuring the Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD versions, follows on July 19.