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My Strange Addiction's Strangest Addictions

It's hard to tell if TLC's My Strange Addiction is a fascinating look into the fractured human psyche, or if it normalizes destructive behavior, but it's hard to look away. Season after season, My Strange Addiction manages to find a stunning array of people with terrible compulsive behaviors, and while it's not polite to stare, they're usually there to seek help. Some of My Strange Addiction's compulsions are, of course, more bizarre than others, so let's look at some of the most unusual habits highlighted in the show's history. Just a heads up, some of the footage we provided has some graphic and disturbing imagery.

Blow dryer

My Strange Addiction came out of the gate swinging with its debut episode by focusing on Lori, a lady who's dependent on her blow dryer, but not just for making her hair fancy. Lori needs to have the thing running at all times. Despite the dryer being a contributing factor to her divorce and the cause of a series of burns, Lori continues to sleep with the thing on—in her bed, often under her covers. The possibility of burning down the entire house with your family inside would be enough to deter most people, but Lori's unique dependence persists.

Eating glass and bullets

If you asked the average person what they thought the most dangerous household objects a human could eat are, chances are that bullets and glass would top that list, but these horrible things just happens to be Josh's favorite snack. Josh mostly consumes harmful garbage because he desperately craves attention, though his floating muttonchops are a pretty clear indication of his sadness even without the whole glass thing. It's a genuinely nauseating experience to watch, and his fiancee hates it, but Josh just can't seem to figure out how to get positive attention outside of filling his colon with glass and explosives.

Drain hair puller

Evan has a compulsion to fish wet, slimy, and awful strands of hair out of shower drains, no matter where he is. It has to be a shower, and it can't be dry hair. After he pulls the hair out, he plays with it for a few seconds, then throws it away in disgust—and it all has something to do with the death of his father, because grief is a weird, weird thing. If you hate pulling your own fetid hair out of your shower drain, just imagine the horrors that lie in the strange drains of others.

Eating human remains

In a story that's just slightly more tragic than it is disgusting, Casie lost her husband to a severe asthma attack two months before filming the show. She continues to carry his cremated remains around, interacting with them as if he's still there. After accidentally getting some of his ashes in her mouth, she continues to go at his urn like it's Fun Dip, licking her fingers and going in for seconds, whether she's at home or in the car. It's a completely heartbreaking way to deal with loss—because they're not gonna be making that flavor again after she runs out.

Drinking gasoline

Shannon drinks gasoline, despite all the health warnings and it being really bad for you. My Strange Addiction isn't really a stranger to the consumption of weird things, featuring addicts of paint, urine, mattress foam, nail polish, dirt, and rocks. Gasoline is probably the most deadly and hazardous, even if you're not completely poisoned or suffer neurological damage. Get within ten feet of an open flame, you're toast. It's one thing to drink flammable types of booze, but this is a different story.

Drinking blood

Michelle has a whole episode dedicated to her gross blood-drinking habits, because TLC wasn't going to waste another second of the season on some other dork who obsessively hoards shoes. Drinking copious amounts of pig and cow blood regularly, Michelle and her apartment look exactly what you'd imagine of a proud blood drinker. She uses it as an ingredient in just about everything, but even the laziest chef knows that cilantro has a time and a place. It's quite difficult to watch (even worse to stomach), but seeing shots of fleshy, coagulated chunks on the edges of glasses might just push you over the edge.

Chewing dirty diapers

If there's a single person on My Strange Addiction that will go down as a legend, it's Keyshia, the diaper lady. No, it's not a sketch from Tim & Eric, but it may make you just as nauseated. The weird thing is that the Diaper Lady doesn't even have a kid, so she resorts to stealing diapers from friends. Fortunately for her, she was pregnant at the time of filming, so she's pretty happy that she'll have her own dirty diaper factory. While Keyshia goes feasting on the Baby Changing Station, we're just reaching to change the station.

Married to a carnival ride

If you like it so much, why don't you marry it? Linda, a middle aged woman who has already had love affairs with an airplane and a train, finally decided to settle down with Bruce, a skydiver carnival ride. They've been married for three years and counting. A considerable number of folks have found themselves more romantically attracted to inanimate objects rather than other people, but we're talking candlelight pizza dinners inside of your husband here. At least he has a job.

Long neck lady

Sydney wants an 8-inch-long neck, which she says has been her "calling" from a very young age, after seeing pictures of exotic women in National Geographic. Unfortunately for her, constantly wearing restrictive necklaces of copper rings has a tendency to trap bacteria and mold on the skin. Even though the accessories seriously impede her driving abilities, she still does it anyhow, since her vanity is more important than watching out for children in crosswalks. She continues working towards her goal today, as "The Giraffe Woman," and recently posing in Penthouse, presumably in the "Unsafe Drivers" issue.