Worst Neighbors In The World

Horrible neighbors are everywhere, and nothing short of moving into the remote wilderness can prevent that. Some, sadly, are basically the Devil incarnate, who will completely screw up your life for no reason other than you daring to live near them. Unfortunately, these nutjobs can spread their crazy with very little trouble, no matter how nice the rest of the neighborhood is. Here are some of the worst neighbors in the world.

Sonia Bryce

Sonia Bryce was that neighbor who blasts music all night, except so much worse. In her case, she played "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran (nothing against Sheeran, he's a lovely singer who never asked for this) not once, not twice, but over and over and over again for 30 minutes straight, during just one incident that would eventually send her to jail. There were multiple noise injunctions against her in the weeks leading up to her arrest, which included not just loudly blaring the music of the smooth-voiced Sheeran, but relentless shouting and swearing, according to her neighbors Clare and Jonathon Tidmarsh.

Bryce used this constant cacophony to harass her neighbors in Howe Crescent, Willenhall, and would go on to violate her noise injunction on ten documented occasions. However, her pettiness didn't end there, because she tried to used an incredibly stupid defense to try prove her innocence: she claimed that she didn't even like Sheeran's music that much. Since that's not really proof that she didn't play his song for thirty minutes straight on high volume, she was given eight weeks in jail, with the judge rightly saying: "Everybody is entitled to live in a degree of peace and quiet with the usual give and take of society, but you do not behave like a civilized person, and you have got to learn that you will." Sadly, because of Bryce's torment, the Tidmarsh's said Sheeran's music has been ruined for them, which is the real crime here.

Richard and Joy Ringer

Scot and Marion Ellis loved water-skiing (Scot is actually a champion waterskier), so what better place to live than by a lake in Florida, where they could indulge their hobby as much as the wanted? Anywhere else, based on the hellish year they lived beside Richard and Joy Ringer in Auburndale.

You see, Marion Ellis had the fatal flaw of being French which Richard Ringer, a former cop, didn't seem to like. First it started with complaints that Ellis' water-skiing was too loud, which then led to Ringer and his wife waging a full-on war against their neighbors. The Ringers complained to the authorities, who rightly told them that water-skiing isn't a crime. Ringer then decided to use some good old vigilante justice on the French heathen woman, by threatening to kill their dog, destroying their $1000 fence, setting up security cameras to watch their every move, harassing both their elderly parents, and keeping their son awake at night with bright lights.

It didn't end there, though. They constantly hurled insults at Marion over her aforementioned French heritage, which begs the question: what did the French ever do to them? Oh, and about that threat to kill their dog: in 2015, an investigator once found bones (which dogs tend to like) laid out deliberately, to attract the Ellis' dog to the Ringers' house. The Ringers were warned they'd be charged with a crime if they continued to be jerks, but they listened about as well as you'd expect. After destroying the Ellis' fence in October 2015, the Ringers were arrested for criminal mischief and aggravated stalking, so chalk one up for the French.

Roberto and Ramona Alcala

For Ninth Street in Berkeley, California, the House From Hell belonged to Robeto and Ramona Alcala, who terrorized the neighborhood for over 30 years along with their many acquaintances, who also happened to be gang members. Police reported that there were fifteen people living at the home with criminal records: six of whom belonged to West Side Berkeley, which is kind of like West Side Story except with less catchy show tunes and more violent crime.

It took years for law enforcement to watch the house and the Alcalas seriously, but when they did, it was clear that the neighbors were right the whole time with the Hell-on-Earth thing. During an eighteen month period from mid-2010 to 2012, there were 40 criminal reports related to the house. From 2009 to 2011, police were called for everything from loud music and fireworks to shouting and fighting, both inside and outside of the house.

In 2012, neighbors finally had enough of their nightmare neighbors, and six residents agreed to testify against Roberto and Ramona Alcala. It seems the city had enough of the couple's fear and intimidation, if Berkeley City Councilwoman Linda Maio is to be believed: "I've been dealing with this for over 15 years ... The very first time I got involved, the neighbors refused to have a meeting on the street because they were afraid, so we had to have the meeting at the fire station. So it takes tremendous courage for these people to come forward." A resolution was made declaring the house a nuisance — something that was about 30 years late — and gave the Alcalas a year to clean up their act or move out.

Jeffrey Wright Leonard

Jeffrey Wright Leonard is that neighbor who lets his dogs poop in your yard times a hundred, because he was actually throwing dog poop at the house of his neighbor, Jimmie Riggs.

Over the years, Leonard's neighbors filed complaints about his behavior, which ranged from trying to run Riggs off the road in 2013 (allegedly over a "parking dispute"), to a woman who claimed he threw rocks at her house and verbally harassed her family. It's safe to say he's a pretty scummy dude, but those still aren't the worst things he did. You see, he must have really hated Riggs, because he actually tried to pay a guy to kill him, in a convoluted murder-for-hire plot.

After Riggs filed a restraining order against him, Leonard vowed to make his life hell. For the next eleven months it was a campaign of fear, as Leonard repeatedly made it clear he would stoop as low as possible to get his way. That's where the dog poop flinging comes in to play. In addition to behaving like a bratty toddler by literally slinging crap around, he shined floodlights at Riggs every time he went outside. Twice, Leonard was arrested for violating restraining orders, and it was during one of these violations that he became friends with a fellow jailbird, whom he offered $800 to kill Riggs in a hit-and-run. He even gave him a car to do the dirty deed with.

Rather than go along with Leonard's dumb plan, this guy went straight to the cops and told them all about the offer. In 2015 Leonard was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his idiotic scheme.

Jason Clark

Jason Clark did every horrible thing imaginable to his neighbors in Montgomery, Alabama's Dalraida area. His cruelty wasn't restricted to any one neighbor: just about everyone who lived around him, or knew him, would later have some kind of horror story to tell. When he cut his grass, he wore a Jason hockey mask and all black, which must have been freaky to say the least. Other neighbors said he wore a ghillie suit (the camouflage uniform that snipers wear) around the neighborhood. One neighbor actually donated his house to his local parish just to get away from Clark, after a horrific incident which caused the death of his dog. Apparently, Clark took it upon himself to spray poisonous chemicals on his neighbor's lawn. When the dog went outside, the chemicals caused enough harm to kill the poor thing.

That wasn't all, though. One neighbor had to hire a lawn mowing service, because he said that Clark would terrorize him anytime he attempted any sort of lawn care. Yet another neighbor, this one a few block away, said Clark hit him with his mother's car. Even after getting handed multiple stalking charges, he still didn't stop ... until a search of his house found 40,000 rounds of ammunition, AR-15s and other guns, a cell phone jammer, an infrared illuminater to block his neighbor's security monitors, and strobe lights to blind people driving through the neighborhood at night.

In 2016, he finally faced justice when he plead guilty to two counts of aggravated stalking, although there are even more charges which are still being brought against him. So he'll still be quite busy ruining lives, only this time it's his own.

Barry Ardolf

The best way to describe Barry Ardolf is as a pervert hacker from Hell. It all started when the Kostolnik family moved to Blaine, Minnesota, and let one of their children play outside in the yard. Ardolf lured the four-year-old to his own yard and proceeded to kiss him. After the Kostolniks reported Ardolf to the police, the perv spent the next 707 days making their lives miserable. Ardolf worked as a computer technician, and started using his skills to hack into the Kostolniks computer system. He then created fake email accounts and other profiles impersonating the couple, using those accounts to make threats against well-known individuals, like Vice President Joe Biden. If you've never threatened a head of state, we recommend never doing so. It rarely ends happily.

This wasn't the first time the creep had hacked a neighbor. He had previously stolen one neighbor's financial information and sent threatening messages, all because their disabled daughter's caretaker had accidentally parked in Ardolf's spot once. With the Kostolniks, however, he was far more vicious. He began to hack their WiFi network, planting child pornography there and posted them onto a fake Myspace page he had created in Matt Kostolnik's name.

This, along with the alleged death threats against the VP, caught the attention of the FBI and the Secret Service, who questioned Matt and began investigating him. Luckily for Matt, Ardolf's plan backfired, after the feds discovered he had actually been responsible all along. In 2010, he plead guilty on all counts, and was sentenced to 18 years in prison, both for putting the Kostolniks through pure hell, and for using a MySpace years after everyone else stopped (presumably).

Kirsty Robertson

Kirsty Robertson bullied her retired neighbors in Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire for 14 years over the dumbest reason imaginable: the color of their house. Mavis and Alan Ward moved into their retirement bungalow, expecting to be quiet with the grandkids, but it actually became a decade-long war with their insane neighbor.

It all began when Robertson didn't like the sandstone-colored paint on the side of the Wards' house, so she decided to paint it white while they were away. As time went on, she went from being a nuisance to a violent psycho, who would throw objects at the Wards' home, and threaten them with obscenities. The Wards began avoiding their neighbor at all costs — on one occasion, Mavis Ward's life was endangered when she was forced to drive down the wrong side of the road to evade Robertson. Another time, she said she was mowing the lawn, when Robertson approached her and made a gesture pretending to slit her throat — knowing her previous behavior, there was a good chance she would follow through on that threat.

To capture Robertson's crazy, the Wards set up a CCTV camera in 2012, that showed Robertson drunkenly throwing a slate at their house, which broke a window. This was finally enough to get the authorities to step in, and Robertson was issued a restraining order, in addition to a small fine. This obviously didn't stop her — in 2015 she was later caught taking pictures of the Wards' great-granddaughter, which eventually blew up into an angry swear-laden tirade according to Alan Ward: "When she was asked to stop she used the foulest of language — terrible and disgusting words in front of a child." After eight attempts in court, a judge finally issued a warrant for Robertson's arrest for violating her restraining order, so the entire nightmare could finally be put to rest. Hopefully her jail cell will be colored sandstone.

Gordon Clarke

Gordon Clarke was actually punished on several occasions for being a horrible neighbor — spending about a year in jail total for it — but he never learned his lesson. He spent twenty years agonizing anyone and everyone around him in West Sussex, and went out of his way to be intimidating as possible. Like, he would have a pack of twelve dogs on his property, which would probably scare even the toughest of people from confronting him. He threatened neighbors with death, reportedly sang "Another One Bites The Dust" after hearing that one had a terminal disease, and even tried to destroy the reputation of one neighbor by alleging he was a pedophile.

One of Clarke's neighbors was a police officer's widow — he allegedly told her he would dance on her husband's grave. To his other neighbors, he would swear and allow his dogs to bark and howl the night away, causing everyone to lose sleep. In 2006, Clarke was handed an ASBO (Anti-Social Behavior Order), which basically told him to start acting like a civil human being, instead of a compete animal. Did this step him? Of course not! Three weeks later, he was at it again, ranting about his neighbors to a friend. It was there that he announced he was going to call one of his neighbors a pedophile on the Internet, all so said-neighbor's son couldn't play football.

In 2012, just a few short years after his 2008 conviction, he decided, once again, to hurt his neighbors, this time by throwing plastic objects into a bonfire to create toxic smoke. He was given just 150 hours community service and a small fine, because that'll learn him.

David Constantine

David Constantine was actually a former Hell's Angel. He seems to have taken his old title seriously, since he made life hell for two different neighbors. In both cases, the details are absolutely bizarre, and almost unbelievable, but they are completely true.

Let's start with Stefan Ward and his wife, who lived beside Constantine in Lanchester. Their nightmare started when they couldn't give Constantine a ride to get a bike. This ticked him off so badly, he started tormenting them for two long years. He stated that the Wards were responsible for a number of incidents — in actuality, they were completely made up in Constantine's twisted mind. He claimed that Stefan threw a brick at his window, which the police proved was impossible. In 2006, he accused Ward of attacking him with a frying pan, but an ex-girlfriend later said that Constantine admitted to her that the incident never happened. In 2008, things escalated when the police were called to Constantine's home, where they found that he had been stabbed. Ward was arrested and charged with attempted murder but, after finding axes, airguns, and knives, they looked into Constantine's claim, and concluded that he had actually caused his own injuries (something sane people don't tend to do). For this, he was told to move out of the neighborhood or go to jail.

The next nightmare he caused was in the village of Esh Winning, where he quickly became a double-dirtbag, by picking on a couple with two small children nearby. In their own words, the couple said Constantine made them "prisoners in their own home" by banging on their walls, yelling all manner of foul language at their children, and staring them down on their way to school. The stress became so bad that the wife broke out in eczema, before Constantine was again brought to justice in 2014. He plead guilty to harassment without violence and claimed that, after his sentence was over, he wished to move to remote Scotland to get away from people. Though really, if he hated people so much, why didn't he just leave them behind in the first place?