If you’re like me and thousands of other people who are stuck working from home, you’re probably dressed in your worn-out but still comfy sweatpants or even Pj’s. These days many of us choose comfort over restricting office dress codes and are very happy to have this opportunity. However, there are people (hopefully there’s just a few) who think that this choice is both un-adultlike and disrespectful to your coworkers.

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Recently, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, Adam Tschorn, wrote a harsh piece telling people who are working from home not to wear sweatpants

One of them is Adam Tschorn, a deputy fashion editor who wrote a piece condemning sweatpants. In an article titled ‘Enough with the WFH sweatpants. Dress like the adult you’re getting paid to be’ Tschorn list his pwn reasons why we all should get suited up for our work from home sessions.

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If you’re feeling a little bit offended and maybe even attacked by this bold statement, you’re not alone. As expected, the article didn’t prompt people to ditch sweatpants. Instead, they decided to trow a painful roasting session for Tschorn to make it clear that sweatpants are not going anywhere.

However, the article wasn’t received as well as Adam probably expected since people responded by roasting him

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Even Los Angeles Times had something to say about the article, too

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According to Adam himself, the best response comes from this twitter user

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