Hi everyone! It has been a while. This is Eric Keledjian, I am a freelance illustrator as well as an ESL teacher in China. In the past, I have created a few projects and posted here on Bored Panda and my Facebook in which I start with a single drawing and each day without rest I add something new. In the past, I have done Christmas, forest, and underwater drawings. This new project I pushed myself even further. The goals I set for myself was that I wanted to draw in full color and continue the project past my previous record of 31 days. I still followed with the idea of using a single theme and built my world off that. The theme for this was city living.

I was living in China at the time of this piece so this image was helpful to me to keep busy. During the height of corona in China, I was stuck inside away from family and friends. This project was something to keep me calm and was something I loved working on as well.

I hope you all enjoy this piece and please if you like it add me on my social media. If you can support me on Patreon I would appreciate it. With more support and encouragement I would like to work on my art pieces more often and develop a comic strip about my time as a teacher. Thanks!

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Day 1: What is this woman looking at?

Day 2: Uh oh a robber!

Day 3: This bank will take all your cash as much as the robber will

Day 4: This is must be the bad part of town if even the robber will be robbed

Day 5: It must really be bad for there to be another robber

Day 6: Waiting game! This Viking has to wait for his turn

Day 7: Turtle Sensei to the rescue

Day 8: Go! Ninja rat, go!

Day 9: Flying bo staff kick

Day 10: Hot dogs get your hot dogs

Day 11: Someone isn’t paying attention to what is going on

Day 12: Second floor – this drawing isn’t even close to being finished

Day 13: Self-portrait- wondering what the ruckus outside is

Day 14: VR lad

Day 15: Fine, I get it, I am moving out

Day 16: The C line running on schedule

Day 17: Subway wizard

Day 18: Allacazam! Someone became a bigfoot

Day 19: The sewers are full of the unexpected

Day 20: The mole people

Day 21: Alligators are cute pets when they are a baby but…

Day 22: The pipes are fraught with danger

Day 23: Owl has scored its dinner

Day 24: Give me back my sweetie, Pepper!

Day 25: Smoke break

Day 26: Strumming the strings

Day 27: Cat lady with her children (the cats)

Day 28: Finally the police arrive

Day 29: The rat king appears

Day 30: Even the giant monster is curious about what is going on at the ATM

Day 31: Rooftop werewolf chef

Day 32: A shrimp-y villain

Day 33: E-man is here to confront it

Day 34: Raccoon had a bad surprise while stealing the BBQ

Day 35: Zeppelin falling

Day 36: Steampunk adventure taking on something but what?

Day 37: A space squid