Doctors and nurses are on the frontlines fighting the coronavirus. Their lives are now more difficult than ever and some have taken to posting their experiences online. While most internet users express their support for doctors and nurses, some tell them to “stop complaining.”

After constantly hearing how they should stop complaining because this is what they signed up for, one nurse couldn’t take it anymore and posted her thoughts about fighting Covid-19.

She went into detail about how exactly the pandemic is different from the norm and how criticizing doctors and nurses for expressing how they’re overwhelmed is just plain wrong.

One nurse couldn’t stand people telling medical professionals to “stop complaining,” so she posted her thoughts online about how they didn’t sign up for this

While some Imgurians supported the message of TurtMaGurt3’s post, others said that medical professionals did sign up for this and similar situations and compared them to “soldiers in a different war” who have to do their duty whatever comes their way.

Though the reactions to TurtMaGurt3’s post were mixed, you can’t deny that it started up a discussion online, especially with over 9k upvotes, as well as more than 184k views.

The Imgurian is far from the only medical professional (whether fresh out of medical school or a seasoned veteran) to point out just how untypical and stressful the current situation is. For instance, a New York City emergency room nurse with 12 years of experience told the BBC that there is a shortage of equipment to take care of patients.

She revealed to the BBC that doctors and nurses are being rationed personal protective equipment (or PPE for short). “We’re getting one N-95 mask and we’re having to reuse it for five shifts.”

“Before this pandemic, you were never to reuse this equipment. It was one-time use and it was thrown out. It was discarded. Now we are being told to use it for our shift, put it in a paper bag and save it for the next shift. After five shifts, we turn it in and we’ll get a new one. We’re running out of basic supplies because all of our patients are requiring so much,” she said.

Whether you believe that doctors and nurses did or didn’t sign up for this, it’s obvious that it’s difficult and dangerous for them to do their jobs while some are lacking basic equipment. So if you know any medical professionals in your life, send them your love and support. They need it right now.

Some people completely agreed with the nurse’s message, while others had some more nuanced insights