I would have never thought that one day the whole world is going to star in a bad pandemic outbreak movie but the shooting has already started and many people don’t even care. Coronavirus is here and it’s going to stay. Our lives have changed very fast and dramatically. In the past couple days, my wife and I tried to gather the remaining missing things for our household to make sure we don’t have to get out of the flat for at least 2-3 weeks: this involved sanitizers, soil for planting seeds on the balcony and enough food for ourselves and our two cats.

I decided to document my encounters in my hometown Budapest, Hungary. Going out was always planned and prepared for, with double face protection, gloves and fully covered body, commuting on my faithful bike The Swallow.

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On a search quest in a sports department store in full gear

Homeless people are at a great risk, only civilian groups try to help them

Budapest Eye closed up shop

One of the few who takes protection serious

Souvenir shop without tourists was a common sight for a couple days, now they are all closed

Taking home loads of supply, the guy was really struggling

A group of asian people who know the drill

A family on the way, baby doesn’t like the mask

Old people looking for advice at the local doctors office

Churches are empty, occasionally a few people come and pray

Waiting in line at the pharmacy

That is not how it works dude!

A modern day hero: the food-courier

Social isolation

Hungarians vs. tourists

A rare sight at the St. Stephen Basilika Square: no people

Missing crowd at Vörösmarty Square

Self portrait with my bike

Finally a quiet day for working on the pavement

Stay home / Okay, I’m staying

She just broke my heart

My wife and cat avaiting me after a tiresome trip to the store

Dad helping her daughter to peep on strangers on the street

Information about the Coronavirus pandemic: posters on our buildings entrance

Keep calm and don’t panic!

Always cover your mouth and nose!

A transparent on a nearby hospital: Let’s stick together!