Amid the coronavirus pandemic, doctors around the globe are put into the frontline of the crisis. They are risking their own health, pushing themselves to limits during long shifts and sacrificing their personal lives to save lives. Without them, many of the vulnerable people wouldn’t stand a chance against the pandemic. Sadly, not everyone is appreciating the sacrifice doctors are making, so they are forced to ask people to assist them in saving lives. Unlike doctors, we don’t have to do much to help them. We are only required to stay home. Compared to the long shifts at crowded hospitals, it’s so much easier to stay at home and keep ourselves occupied, for instance, with our favorite TV series, but it’s just as important.

Recently, a wife of a physician who treats coronavirus patients decided to speak out again people who are ignoring social distancing

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Yet not everyone understands the important role each of us plays in handling the crisis. Seeing people in bars, restaurants, and ignoring social distancing prompted a spouse of a doctor who treats coronavirus patients to speak out. Rachel Patzer who is an Emory University epidemiologist and health services researcher revealed the sacrifices her husband is making. Apparently, he had to isolate himself from his whole family, just to avoid the risk of giving them the virus. Rachel admitted that she is saddened by the fact that her husband will not be able to hold and play with his children for an unknown amount of time

Image credits: RachelPatzerPhD

Image credits: RachelPatzerPhD

Image credits: RachelPatzerPhD

Image credits: RachelPatzerPhD

After Rachel’s post went viral, many health care professionals responded with the same issue. They are sacrificing their own well being to help others and ask people to do the same.

Many other health care professionals revealed that they are facing the same issue

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People responded to the thread thanking doctors and nurses for their hard work

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