People getting on each other’s nerves is never a pretty sight unless it’s done jokingly and in the most hilarious manner possible. Actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are long known not only for their talent, but for their ongoing hilarious feud as well. While the two actors never miss a chance to prank one another, they have recently decided to put aside their so-called feud for a good cause and accepted the All In Challenge. But they wouldn’t be themselves if there weren’t a catch in this “truce.” Ryan Reynolds couldn’t miss a chance to poke fun at Hugh Jackman and nominated him for this challenge… twice.

Actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have recently announced they’re putting aside their ongoing “feud” for a good cause

While the hilarious “feud” between A-list actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman was stronger and longer-lasting than some people’s relationships, the pair have agreed to temporarily bury the hatchet for a good cause. They shared the news on Twitter, in true Reynolds & Jackman style, and just couldn’t resist messing around with each other once more.

The actors explained people can donate to the All In Challenge Foundation for a chance to run a lemonade stand with them

Both Reynolds and Jackman nominated each other twice, just to make sure they’re really up for it. While both men are quite familiar with drinks since Reynolds has a gin company and Jackman owns a coffee business, they decided to raise funds for charity by offering a chance… to run a lemonade stand with them.

But it seems Ryan Reynolds couldn’t let the opportunity to mess with Hugh just a little bit more pass him by

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Their temporary truce is an attempt to help raise money for the All In Challenge Foundation. The foundation currently has 74 sweepstakes in total, including this one, as well as 96 auctions. All the funds raised will go towards charities such as No Kid Hungry and America’s Food Fund.

Hugh, however, poked back at him by nominating Ryan to the same charity challenge twice as well

The foundation not only offers an opportunity to run a lemonade stand with Reynolds and Jackman. People can also donate for a chance to play golf at Pebble Beach with Bill Murray and Justin Timberlake or a walk-on role with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro in a Martin Scorsese film.

Raised funds will go towards charities such as No Kid Hungry and America’s Food Fund

In each sweepstakes, individuals can buy from a minimum of 10 entries for $10 to a maximum of 200 entries, which will set you back $100. Reynolds and Jackman promised to fly out to wherever in the US the winner lives and host the lemonade stand with them for two whole hours.

If you don’t feel like running a lemonade stand for two hours with these two goofballs, the foundation currently has 73 more great sweepstakes

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