Internet challenges aren’t just for people. One recent online dare has kitties squeezing through smaller and smaller holes, trying to answer one of the oldest questions in the universe: Are cats really liquid?

Pusic (who is known to Bored Panda readers as the cat who went crazy in a room full of toilet paper) also joined the study. During the study, he tried to make his way through 8 to 4-inch (20 to 10-centimeter) wide gaps. Watch the video below to check out how he did it!

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“Since Pusic is a very strong cat, a simple cardboard barrier wouldn’t have been enough for the challenge,” his owners told Bored Panda. “We had to come up with a solid design, so we chose to make it five layers thick.  On top of that, we also secured its edges and made it high enough so Pusic couldn’t simply jump over it.” After everything was ready, Pusic’s humans put 4 cameras to record him from different angles.

His owners said that Pusiс is very curious and he is always interested in learning something new. “If there isn’t much for him to do, Pusic quickly gets bored and starts constantly meowing for attention. He might even gently bite us, reminding us about his presence. Therefore, it wasn’t difficult at all to persuade him to complete this task. His curiosity took over!”

As you probably saw from the video, Pusic is in good shape. Not only does the couple keep him on a balanced diet, they also play with him every day to keep the kitty active and happy. Their games usually involve Pusic’s favorite balls and toys. “Despite the fact that Pusic is neutered, he is healthy and full of energy.”

Image credits: catpusic

“It’s important to spend time with our cats. They are members of people’s families so the more we communicate with them, the more they understand us.”

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