Beauty in quarantine is a slippery business. Professional treatments are off the menu. And yet it’s kinda human to wanna look your best. But people are taking matters into their own hands. Being honest, DIY quarantine beauty is now a low-key trend. Check out some of the hilarious examples in our quarantine beauty compilation right here.

But there’s always someone for whom the rules don’t apply. So when one beauty queen asked to get her hair done in quarantine, the beautician Patrina J. Felts had something important to say. In fact, Patrina’s comment was a carefully crafted double-edged sword. It turns out, the Virginia-based woman is a mortician with a message to share: “stay home, sis…You’re more beautiful alive than dead.” We can’t argue on this one.

Patrina’s reply to the woman looking to get her hair done in quarantine has gone viral

Image credits: Ayesha P Curry

Image credits: Ayesha P Curry

Bored Panda contacted Patrina to find out more about her unusual job and herself. It turns out, the 39-year-old single mom of 4 graduated from mortuary school in 2018. “The restorative art includes hair, makeup, nails, and anything outside of embalming that has to do with bringing their loved ones a lifelike appearance,” explained Patrina. “It’s the most favorite part of what I do.”

The woman loves stepping back and seeing what she can do for every case. “The best thing is to hear is when a family comes in and they’re like, ‘That looks just like mama, daddy, etc’.” Patrina says that “being able to give them their loved one back, even if only for a moment, means so much.”

Image credits: Patrina J Felts

People praised Patrina for her insightful comment

Now that everyone is in quarantine, “people cannot be with each other during their bereavement process. There’s a mandated 10-person limit. Grief requires touch, love, and compassion in order to heal.” Patrina says that “sometimes people need to be able to see their aunt, cousin, best friend, but in these times, they can’t really do that,” she adds “It’s sad.”

Patrina encourages everyone to relax about their appearance in quarantine. “We all look a mess. They aren’t alone. They’ll survive without their hair, nails, massage, etc. but more importantly, they’ll survive.”

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