In light of a lot of countries all over the world going into quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic and health officials recommending that people stay home and isolate themselves or at least practice social distancing, more and more people every day are struggling to continue with their normal day-to-day lives.

While some people manage to have pretty wholesome social experiences while social distancing, some are struggling with seeing their partners 24/7 and maintaining healthy relationships while trying to work from home, others are fighting the ghosts of their past and fall into their long-forgotten bad habits. This person shared their attempt to help their elderly mother proceed with her normal daily life during the lockdown.

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An Imgur user who goes by nickname Alphacarotene has recently confessed to logging into their mom’s YouTube account

It is nearly impossible to turn on the TV or scroll through any social media channel without being hit by a heavy fall of negative news regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Even though it is long known that the emotional content of television programs, films, and social media content can affect us psychologically and have an impact on our moods and behavior, most of us still allow ourselves to indulge in feasting our eyes on some kind of media.

While you could think that’s violating her privacy, it is all done in an attempt to help her continue her normal life and not fall back into the hands of depression

Graham C. L. Davey, Ph.D. a Professor of Psychology at the University of Sussex, UK, says that “not only are negatively valenced news broadcasts likely to make you sadder and more anxious, they are also likely to exacerbate your own personal worries and anxieties.”

“We found that those people who had watched the negative news bulletin spent more time thinking and talking about their worry and were more likely to catastrophize their worry than people in the other two groups,” he says.

It appears that people who spend more time indulging in negative media are more likely to collapse into their own terrors and negative emotions, therefore it’s especially dangerous for people with mental health issues or depressive tendencies, such as Imgur user Alphacaroten’s mother.