Never let a serious crisis go to waste, they say, so I’m using this time to create a new series, Covid Blues (Art for the Quarantined Soul). Inspired by Picasso during his Blue Period, the 14-day visual diary uses repurposed materials found around the house, created in monochromatic shades of blue.

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Day 1: Emergency preparedness

Watercolor and gouache on used tea bags.

Day 2: Social distancing fashion

Lindt chocolate wrapper on a used tea bag.

Day 3: Flattering the curve

Soup can label folded into a brassiere.

Day 4: Six feet apart

Cut images on paint color chips.

Day 5: Deemed essential

Painted leaves, acrylic gouache.

Day 6: Hunkered down

Origami cranes folded from junk mail security envelopes.

Day 7: Wash your hands

Painted stones, acrylic gouache.

Day 8: Self-isolation

Hand made shoe made with Utz snack bag.

Day 9: Shelter-in-place

Painted corks, gouache.

Day 10: Shellshocked

Painted pistachio shells, acrylic gouache.

Day 11: Frontliners

Cut images on paper cups with recycled coffee sleeves.

Day 12: Panic buying

Painted, blown eggs.

Day 13: Personal protective gown

Cyanotypes on used tea bags, white markers.

Day 14: Better days are coming

Cut images, watercolor on a used tea bag.