A lot of what I do is commanded by my inner child. She’s loud and out of control, but often keeps that lazy future old version of me at bay. I am a photographer but the ordinary turns my inner child into a tantrum-throwing nightmare.

So I like to sprinkle in a little odd with my couture sessions because I think most everyone’s inner child likes fun stuff. I wanted bizarre but fun. So I went with a curiosities/oddities theme combined with a bit of couture fashion.

This was a shoot that took a couple of months to organize and carry out in a Victorian mansion/museum. I had the dresses and headpieces custom made beforehand and went traipsing around online and on my legs finding odd things as props for the shoot. I ended up going a little nuts and bought four prosthetic legs. Yep. FOUR. Did I tell you my inner child is also impulsive? #AnnoyingAF.

I had originally planned on sticking with a Tim Burton esque edit-dark and moody but found myself loving the bubblegum color pop look. The contrast of happy and odd spoke to my soul.

What do you think? Is your inner child giggling?

I also love to recreate movies with styled photoshoots. I’ve done a Pet Semetary theme, Adventures in Babysitting, Goonies and next on my list is… E.T. Come see!

The headpieces were custom made by The Head Mistress, the dresses I had custom made by Jeanne Stearner.

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