432,132 confirmed cases and nearly 1,300 deaths in the US alone is a tragic count. But numbers are just a piece of data. And while we’re all aware of the tragedy’s scope, the reality can only be brought to us by the people who’re closest to the affected patients.

The nurse Aleixandrea Macias has been working in a makeshift ICU for days now. In her viral post, she recounted all the most horrifying details of what the coronavirus frontline is really like. “No one has left our unit yet except in a body bag.” Aleixandrea’s post has left everyone speechless and it’s a must-read for anyone who’s still dubious about the greatest crisis in current history.

Image credits: Aleixandrea Macias

Image credits: Aleixandrea Macias

The US currently remains on top of the world table for the most confirmed cases, with 432,438 in total. More than 14,700 Covid-positive patients have died in the country. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reported that there were a staggering 779 coronavirus deaths across the state on Tuesday. It’s now the highest number of daily fatalities to date.

According to the American Hospital Association, the country has around 924,000 hospital beds but only 98,000 of them could be used to treat patients in intensive care. But medics could never have been prepared for a crisis of such scope.

The stress is overwhelming, and many front-line workers are keeping themselves away from family members amid fears of passing on the virus. One ER nurse working in New York City told BBC: “We’re so stressed, we’re clinging on to the little things that we have, which is food delivery, which is, you know, laughing as much as we can, sharing the memes on the internet.”

And people praised the nurse for her sacrifice