Recently, one trip to the grocery store for this former emergency room nurse made her see just how little some people know about cross-contamination. While shopping, she saw many people wearing gloves, which she thought was great. However, despite wearing gloves, they were still not exactly adhering to the recommendations of the health officials. So Molly decided to take it to Facebook and record a short “rant” explaining the process of germ spreading in the simplest way possible.

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This former nurse shared an informative rant about germ spreading

Image credits: molly.mckillop

In a Facebook video that she recently shared, Molly Lixey decided to demonstrate just how quickly germs spread at a grocery store. While people know that coronavirus spreads through sneezes and coughs, not everyone is aware of it being able to pass from talking and even just breathing.

She saw a lot of people exposing themselves to germs unknowingly

Image credits: molly.mckillop

The former nurse told CNN: “I was doing some painting around the house and it hit me that paint would be a perfect medium to use to explain this. It terrifies me to think people believe they’re safe only because they are wearing gloves and not have them be aware that they could still be harming themselves or others,” Molly told the news outlet.

So, in the video, she illustrates cross-contamination in a simple yet educational way

Image credits: molly.mckillop

In the video, Molly simulates going to the grocery store. First, she puts on gloves on her hands and then proceeds to grab her cell phone as she leaves her car. In the store, Molly cleans her shopping cart and then grabs some toilet paper. She dips her fingers in a plate of paint to show and symbolize the germs on her hands, which finally wound up on her face.

And reminds people to wash their hands properly, even if wearing gloves

Image credits: molly.mckillop

“There’s no point in wearing gloves if you’re not gonna wash your hands every time you touch something,” Molly says in the video.

Watch her video below

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