The coronavirus outbreak is rapidly sweeping across the globe with almost 400,000 confirmed cases to date. The death toll has reached a staggering 17,156, which shows that no one is safe at this point. The world has become a battlefield.

Americans have not one, but two enemies to defend themselves from. With the current health insurance system, many people are exposed to disastrous debts and financial damages. Unfortunately, this threat is no less real than the virus itself.

So when a Scottish man named Stu Cameron tried to sum up how the American healthcare system works amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Twitter exploded with comments. Americans explained the situation in detail and the grim reality became crystal clear. Let’s dive into the discussion below.

Image credits: stucam7771

Image credits: stucam7771

But Jeff was quick to announce that Stu is not even close

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Image credits: jeffaschwarz

Coronavirus is putting the American healthcare system to the test, but experts claim that people will take the worst hit.

Wendell Potter, a whistleblower and former vice president of a leading insurance company, told Bored Panda in this previous article about the ways health insurers are failing Americans. “Ten years after the Affordable Care Act, 30 million people are uninsured and 60 million are underinsured.”

That means that in many cases, people will have no option but “to pay thousands of dollars out of their pockets before their insurance coverage will kick in.” The fear of paying expenses that so many Americans don’t have is the reason why they feel reluctant to get tested and seek treatment. But these measures are crucial to curb the viral outbreak.

Image credits: jeffaschwarz

Image credits: jeffaschwarz

Image credits: jeffaschwarz

More people expressed their frustration

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