Despite the novel coronavirus pandemic still ravaging the world, the Internet is still full of surprises as people are sharing the most wholesome things that are happening to them during the quarantine. One of the most wholesome silver linings that went viral recently is kids’ musician, writer, and teacher Bret Turner’s thread about his 5-year-old daughter and her friend yelling compliments at passing strangers. No worries, though—the little girls kept an appropriate social distance of 6 feet!

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Kids’ musician, writer, and teacher Bret Turner recently shared the most wholesome story on Twitter

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Bret Turner never fails to share the most wholesome content, whether that would be little remarks from his daily life on Twitter, or songs for children he’s usually posting on Instagram. But we’d dare to argue that his recent thread is by far the most adorable thing he’s ever shared with the Internet.

Apparently, his 5-year-old daughter and her neighbor got the most wholesome idea to pass time by complimenting strangers

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To make sure they’re heard, the girls figured they wouldn’t bother saying them nicely

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Turns out, his 5-year-old daughter figured that the best way to spend quarantine is to shout compliments at strangers and invited a neighbor for the task. The two girls then went on to sit neatly 6 feet apart on the sidewalk in front of Turner’s house and proceeded with the compliments.

And just simply screamed the compliments at the strangers walking by

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Well, at least they were sitting 6 feet apart like the good girls they are!

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As the little kids still have no filter, they blurted out the most random yet hilariously adorable things. Thankfully, Turner not only documented their compliments, but shared it on Twitter as well. Nothing passed these two little girls by. Having your shirt match your dog? Compliment. Wearing nice shoes? Apparently, they make your eyes shine!

Image credits: bretjturner

Image credits: bretjturner

The adorable duo showered people with compliments, not forgetting about themselves too: “Your dog’s face is almost as cute as my face from when I was a baby!” Turner’s adorable daughter shouted to one of the strangers. Our guess is, no one argued. After all, these little girls are certainly the cheerleaders the world needs right now!

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Image credits: bretjturner

Image credits: bretjturner

Image credits: bretjturner

People loved Bret’s thread and shared the best compliments they’ve received from children in the comments

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