It’s probably safe to say that most people have quite different backgrounds and experiences while growing up, but something all kids have in common is the hopefulness and excitement of experiencing things for the first time ever. And while we don’t know what your childhood dreams were made of, we are certain that a lot of people have built their childhood dreams out of Lego bricks at some point in their lives.

But the company is setting aside its primary cause of producing childhood joys in the form of buildable bricks in light of the global coronavirus crisis and is now throwing in its own cents in order to help. Its factory in Billund, Denmark is now prioritizing making 13,000 face visors for medical workers in order to help fight the pandemic.

Danish toymaker LEGO recently announced that it is playing its part in combating coronavirus

The company gathered its resources to make 13,500 face visors a day

It converted 6 molding machines to produce visors only at its factory in Billund, Denmark

The company also says it can upgrade to make 58,000 medical visors a day within two weeks if needed

The visors have been approved by hospital personnel

More than 100 LEGO employees are working around the clock on this project

LEGO is planning to expand the production of visors to its other factories as well, starting with Hungary

Some people are saying an adaption of the LEGO helmet would make a cool face protection, wouldn’t it?

Here’s how people reacted

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