Even though the spread of the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown have brought the majority of the world to a halt, some people have managed to change and adapt to the new routine and carry on with their business. Late-night talk shows have also changed their format to continue airing and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is no exception. The host of the show has simply applied what many offices, schools, and government offices use to continue on with production and is relying on video calls to reach out to his celebrity guests.

In the most recent show, Jimmy Fallon interviewed Russell Wilson and Ciara, asking how they are coping with the quarantine as well as discussing the family’s charitable acts prior to the outbreak as well as during it. As the interview reached the midway point, however, it was interrupted by an unexpected “guest.”

Around the middle of the interview, Jimmy Fallon’s daughter Winnie runs in with excitement

One of Jimmy’s daughters, Winnie, excitedly announces that she lost a tooth. The girl runs into the room and Jimmy promptly stops the interview to share the exciting news with Russell and Ciara. He shows the missing tooth to the camera as Ciara tells a story about her son losing a tooth as well. The singer recalls how a sibling accidentally knocked her son’s loose tooth, adding some much-needed lightheartedness to the interview.

You can watch the full interview in the video below

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