When the Queen JLo admits she’s had enough of homeschooling her kids, it’s official. Houston, we have a problem. You’re not the only lockdown parent struggling to explain math to your child while deep down, none of you have a single clue about it.

Get ready to relax your ramshackle back, ’cause I’ve got some good news. The Illinois State Board of Education just released a life-saving chart with recommended homeschooling time for kids of every grade. And it’s surprisingly breezy! Feeling that air coming from the open window already? More time for yourself and less frustration for your kid is a solid win-win.

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The Board has released a chart with recommended homeschooling times for parents during the Covid-19 emergency

Image credits: Illinois State Board of Education

As a third of the global population is now self-isolating at home, many households have turned into temporary schools for kids. And even if this newly-given role of teaching may not be for every parent, there’s a thing or two to know about it.

Jamie Heston, a board member at the Homeschooling Association of California, urges parents not to replicate real school at home. It may be impossible. “Think about it as ‘quarantine schooling.’ Think about the fact that you’re a parent, not a teacher.”

And they even have some cool ideas for free-time activities that cover all five areas of life

Image credits: Illinois State Board of Education

Most importantly, however your domestic education may look, “It’s going to be messy. Don’t worry about it.” In the end, we all are in the same boat trying to make the quarantine work. And it’s normal that kids will get behind as a result.

Remember to ask your kid what they would like to learn. “This is a wonderful opportunity to not just do worksheets. Do real life,” says Heston. Try serving meals, making bed, cooking, and other real life activities. Who knows, you might have a chef growing up right there!

Everyone seemed to have mixed opinions about the Board’s recommendations