As we’re stocking up on food during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t last forever. Even canned goods have an expiration date and you wouldn’t want to open them a couple of decades after it. But if it was someone else who had to inspect the nasty thing and you could watch them do it…

Recently, Matt, the man behind Dinosaur Dracula (a website about 1980s toys, 1990s candy, holidays, horror movies and weird recipes), made Twitter users an offer they couldn’t refuse: he posted a picture of a 25-year-old can of Spider-Man pasta, saying: “If this gets 1995 retweets, I’ll show you what’s inside.”

It received over 5k retweets. And Matt has kept his word.

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A couple of days ago, one guy made an offer Twitter users simply couldn’t refuse

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Matt bought the can online. “It’s amazing what you can find on eBay if you’re really bored and up very late at night,” he told Bored Panda.

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Since everyone delivered, he had to keep his word

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Image credits: DinosaurDracula

Image credits: DinosaurDracula

Believe me, we and the rest of the folks on the Internet are very lucky we’re seeing the can being opened through our monitor and not in real life. Matt said it was like “Vesuvius’s eruption [that] trapped the citizens of Pompeii under hot lava right in place, even as they were in the midst of household chores.” That’s how bad the vibe the various pasta Spider-Men within the can gave off.

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Matt shared a hilarious observation he made while inspecting the yucky contents

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All of the struggles Matt went through were not in vain, though. He’s already trying to think of how he can repurpose the can. Although it probably goes without saying that the ideas he’s coming up with are meant to keep it outside. “The can now serves as an outdoors-only ornament. I suspect I’ll use it to hold nails, or maybe eventually I’ll plant a flower inside of it. As for the contents, I threw those away because they were scary.”

Someone immediately turned it into a meme

People started wondering what the nasty thing would have tasted like

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And posting pictures of their own ancient cans with who-knows-what inside

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