Y’know, I feel like cards and snail mail was made for this very occasion.

I’m not normal anymore. And I doubt you guys are, either. But I’ve been seeing a ton of inspiration going on. It’s nice to see people are trying to make this much less crappy for all of the people involved. It was hard to make some fun cards for this. For one, the situation is not very funny. But, neither is cancer, and we know cards sure come in handy for that, right?

So I came up with a few, and then it inspired a few more. I have eight new cards. I hope they inspire you to check on those you love and to keep it real while providing a tiny bit of levity to the situation.

They are inspired by those who missed their birthdays (uh, sucks!) or are having to reschedule their wedding (uh, sucks again) and for those who just need a funny pick-me-up for someone you can’t see right now. Yes, I brought toilet paper into the matter.

Of course, it can be seen as tone-deaf, but I am donating the moolah to Go Pantry – a food bank in my northern KY hood that helps with all the kids who desperately depended on the hot lunches at school. So hopefully it isn’t offending anyone. But hey, I’ve gotten used to people being a little offended by my cards)

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Ah, the true love confession

Just… sayin’ “hey”

For those we can’t visit right now

For the particularly germophobic friend – you know who you are

A silly one – but make it funnier by sending it to someone who barely knows you.

Birthday? Wedding? Baby Shower? CANCELLED! Boooo

An introvert’s dream

I actually have plenty but for some reason I need more, more, more?