I’m a creator behind comic strip series Timmy Time with Grandpa Holmes.

Pastor Holmes isn’t your typical pastor and his knowledge doesn’t stop with the traditional bible. He made it his mission to read every single bible on Earth. The Christian Bible. The Bro Bible. The Street Bible. The Cat Bible.

Now, he wants to tell the world about his latest read, the New York Bible. Read along as he teaches his grandson, Timmy about the so-called “Big Apple.”

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The Sermon

Every true New Yorker will agree

Tell me something that’s worse than this

Okay, this might be worse

As if the commute isn’t already bad enough

If you think NYC is dirty, you have no idea

New Yorkers will laugh, tourists will just look confused

There is such a thing as subway etiquette

This is hands down the scariest part of NYC

Here’s some more subway etiquette

There’s nothing more annoying than having to swipe your subway card again.

If you’re a tourist, read this