Most countries with reported outbreaks of the coronavirus are recommending that people self-isolate. That means staying at home and not leaving unless it’s absolutely necessary. Like, if you run out of food or need to go for a quick stroll in the park for some exercise to calm down.

With more and more celebrities self-isolating, pictures of them during quarantine are circulating all over the internet. BuzzFeed created a list of photos showing celebs enjoying themselves at home during the coronavirus outbreak and some other media sites have done the same, and it’s created a heated discussion online.

Some people are angry at these celebs for flaunting their wealth on social media. While others believe that there’s nothing to get mad about: these celebrities earned everything they have by working hard and pursuing their dreams. But what do you think, dear Pandas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Some news outlets started shaming celebrities for posting pictures and videos of themselves self-isolating:

Here’s what these pics look like:

Kourtney Kardashian horse riding in her field:

Image credits: kourtneykardash

Kylie Jenner telling us all that if she could do it then we all can do it:

Sam Smith posting pics of their meltdown in their $12 M home:

Image credits: samsmith

Arnold Schwarzenegger lounging in his private hot tub:

Image credits: Schwarzenegger

Joe Jonas cracking open his humongous fridge:

Image credits: joejonas

Lauren Conrad setting up a pillow fort bigger than most apartments:

Image credits: laurenconrad

Cardi B showing her quarantine activities that includes a human-sized Jenga:


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Ellen DeGeneres staying in good spirits in her private gym bigger than my apartment:


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Jimmy Fallon making the most of the bad situation with his indoor slide:

Image credits: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Soccer player Cesc Fàbregas in his balcony gym overlooking all of us:

Image credits: cesc4official

Perrie Edwards and her BF staying active while running up and down the stairs in their kitchen:

Image credits: perrieedwards

Courteney Cox Tik Tok-ing next to her giant windows and the world’s largest rug:

Justin and Hailey Bieber dancing in their huge living room:

Image credits: justinbieber

Martha Stewart staying in with every single copper pot and pan in the world:

Image credits: marthastewart48

Drake powering through the bad times with his private basketball court:

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in their sad yard the size of a football field:


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Mariah Carey staying safe and happy in a home that has a full gym:

Different people having different incomes and living conditions is nothing new. It’s a fact of life. Even though we’re all equal, we make our own decisions and have access to different opportunities. That means that some of us have more freedom when it comes to self-isolating than others. It is what it is.

Whether you judge Arnold Schwarzenneger and Jimmy Fallon for being rich while most of us are stuck in cramped apartments is completely up to you. Meanwhile, the media is split down the middle as well, with some news sites shaming celebs and others focusing on the common factor: that we’re all in this together and that some celebrities are encouraging us and giving us hope.

There’s no denying that self-isolation is hard. Least of all because when we’re told to stay inside, suddenly, a small voice inside of us tells us that we should explore the great outdoors. Even though some of us would normally spend most of our time at home anyway.

Naturally, many people weren’t relating to the struggles of these celebs and responded with snappy remarks:

Some even created memes angered by the situation:

Luckily, former astronaut Chris Hadfield has some handy tips for us. He spent some time self-isolating before flying out to space to make sure he felt alright being alone during his real space missions. So it’s safe to say that he’s an expert on loneliness and boredom.

“Take care of yourself, take care of your family and friends, take care of your spaceship,” Hadfield joked.

Astronaut Hadfield told the BBC that it’s important to stay up-to-date with current news. Of course, he suggests reading and watching reliable sources of information. This way, you’ll be able to know how global and local events can affect you and your loved ones.

He also explains that it’s vital that you set yourself goals: from simple daily tasks to long-term goals. When self-isolating, you should have a list of things to do so that you stay busy and have something to look forward to. If you don’t, that’s when anxiety starts to set in.

What’s more, Hadfield heartily encourages people to learn new skills with all the extra time that’s available to you. Ever wanted to learn to play the guitar? Well, now’s your chance. Have you been thinking of writing that Next Great American Novel but were always too busy to set pen to paper? Finally, the perfect opportunity to show the world your skills!

But others started jumping in to defend these celebs, saying there’s nothing wrong by living big as long as they are safely staying at home: