It is easy to feel like everyone is only out for themselves nowadays; when everyone’s emotions are heightened due to the health risks connected to the coronavirus, everyone seems to care only about themselves and those closest to them. But there are still plenty of silver linings proving to us that the world isn’t actually such a bad place after all.

YouTuber Casey Neistat recently contributed to restoring our faith in humanity by tweeting a short and surprisingly heartwarming exchange following a little car accident he recently caused.

YouTube star, filmmaker, and electric skateboard aficionado Casey Neistat recently had a little car accident

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The popular YouTuber, who has over 12 million subscribers, is certainly not the best driver, as he himself put it “I’m [..] a terrible driver.” Turns out, the 39-year-old YouTuber even accidentally hit someone’s car recently. Wanting to pay for the damage, he left a note on with his phone number on the guy’s windshield so that the owner could contact him about the details.

Turns out, he accidentally hit somebody’s car while parking his 17-year-old pick-up truck

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He did the right thing and offered to pay for the scratch

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“Hello. I scratched the hood of your car while parking mine. Please call/text so I can pay for the repair. My sincerest apologies for the trouble,” Casey scribbled. Turns out, the guy didn’t care much for the money, though. He texted Casey with a photo of his note and an unusual request.

He left a note with his phone number so the driver whose car he hit could contact him about the details

Image credits: Casey

But he had something way more wholesome in mind

Image credits: Casey

The guy said not to worry about the scratch and only asked Casey to donate the money he would have paid to repair the scratch to the people who actually need it. The YouTuber immediately proceeded to make a donation to the LA food bank. But, of course, he had to make it the most Casey-like donation possible and made it in the name of “Mr. Scratched Car.”

The car’s owner declined Casey’s offer and asked to donate to a local food bank

Image credits: Casey

Casey immediately proceeded to donate to an LA food bank in the name of “Mr. Scratched Car”

Image credits: Casey

People loved it and couldn’t stop going on about the nickname Casey gave the guy

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