It seems that people who are negatively affected by both boredom and loneliness during self-isolation have found a way to ease their discomfort. During the time of quarantine, many shelters across the world are starting to report a spike in adoptions and foster applications. Some shelters are closing down not only due to the quarantine, but also because they have managed to adopt out all of their pets.

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Recently, Billie Eilish shared adorable photos of a puppy she adopted

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Amidst the coronavirus crisis, 18-year-old singer Billie Eilish, who had to postpone touring, decided to spend quarantine with two foster pups, too. Billie’s fans already know how much she loves animals, as her social media is filled with her cuddling dogs both backstage before her shows, and at shelters.

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Just as the quarantine started, she decided to take in two pit bull pups to look after. In her Instagram story, Billie encouraged her fans to do the same if they feel bored and have nothing to do during the quarantine.

After taking in two puppies to foster, she couldn’t resist giving one of them a permanent home

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Last week, the singer revealed that she “failed” at fostering and is now adopting one of the puppies.

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The grey pit bull absolutely stole her heart and clearly, she couldn’t part ways with him.

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Billie shared snaps of him and everyone can agree that the unnamed pup is too cute to handle. The other puppy, who is equally adorable, got adopted, too.

The second puppy found a loving home, too

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This adorable pit bull pup is joining the family with two other pets. It is known that Billie also has a rescue cat, Misha, and a mixed-breed dog named Pepper.