It was the third period, mathematics and we had our exam papers signed. I remember how all of my friends were panicking. Asking each other what they got on their test.

But my mind was after something different, at least something less stressful and more enjoyable. As I was doodling and think about what in wanna have for lunch, I drew a dog.

A super cool and simple dog. And that was my sparkle. That little dog got me thinking so much that I ended up naming him “Alexander”.

Alexander, a simply drawn dog that became my inspiration and my spark to start what I love. I also came up with other ideas and characters. Like “the all-knowing Fox” and “hootlet the artist’s Owl”.

Maybe my teacher was right, mathematics is important in life! It brought me so much joy I thought about making comics for them. The idea of making comics was on my mind for a few years.

I used to be a number 1# fan of YouTube animators but didn’t have an amazing talent or drawing skills. Instead, the simple lines and punchlines and jokes, just made me so inspired that I had to start it myself.

So I drew Alexander with shades and put it on my profile picture. And just started out drawing. My Instagram page is still considered new and it’s growing little by little. Practicing drawing, reading and researching about how to make a good joke.

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