Baking is hard, especially if you’re trying out a new recipe. Bestselling author Shannon Hale shared how her 9-year-old daughter started crying when she tried baking something new and messed up. The girl thought that this meant that she can no longer be a baker.

So Shannon turned to Twitter and asked bakers to share the times that they messed up to make her daughter feel better. The response was massive!

Shannon’s thread got over 10.9k likes. And one of the people who answered was none other than scientist and father of the Xbox Seamus Blackley who had previously baked a loaf of bread with 4.5k-year-old yeast. He admitted that he screws up continuously.

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Bestselling author Shannon Hale said that her daughter was in tears after messing up trying to bake something new

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Bakers from all corners of Twitter told stories about all the times that they failed in the kitchen

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The writer has published more than 25 books for kids, teenagers, and adults. She’s a New York Times bestselling author who lives near Salt Lake City in Utah with her husband, 4 children, and 2 pet cats (Misty Knight and Mike Hat).

Shannon has won the Newbery Honor award for her Princess Academy book, created the popular Ever After High series, and the Real Friends graphic novel memoir. Three of her books are for adults, including Austenland which got a movie adaptation in 2013 starring Keri Russell.

More people joined the conversation

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The author also sometimes works together with her husband Dean. Together, they co-wrote the Eisner-nominated graphic novel Rapunzel’s Revenge, created The Princess in Black series, and even created 2 novels about Marvel’s superhero Squirrel Girl.

Shannon is a huge supporter of gender equality and is widely known for her public speaking. Her books have been translated into more than 20 languages which just goes to show how many people relate to her work. Shannon started writing books when she was just 10 years old and eventually became a professional writer, so it’s safe to say that her 9-year-old daughter can become a master baker if she wants to.

Twitter users had some great advice for the writer’s daughter

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